About Us

Sia & Jimini's Story

Sia & Jimini was born as a solution to finding beautiful-looking clothes for children. A mother who had two children, a girl, and a boy, grew an enthusiasm for children’s wear. She started to consider starting a company.

Idea was to create timeless designs, especially for boys too, because most designs that are sold for boys are very colorful and bold, mostly cars, dinosaurs, etc.

The company was founded in the winter of 2022 when the son was born into the family. The clothes had to be comfortable, and beautiful.

The Name

Finding the name was easy, brands name features both of the children's names that the founder woman has.

Our concept

We produce mainly simple, high-quality children’s and family clothing. We develop and widen our collection continuously.

Our relationship with our customers is very important to us, and we take it seriously. We want to involve them in the development of our future collections. 


We are actively in contact with our subcontractors so that we always know what’s going on with them and can keep on producing quality products that are also safe for children to use.

Our customers are important to us, which is why we want to offer the best possible quality to them. We are always testing and developing our products to make sure we can keep up with our customer’s demands and requests. We consider our customers’ feedback carefully and take it into account to offer the best possible products for them.

Our mission

Here at Sia & Jimini, our mission is to create beautiful and timeless products for families and children.

We aim to provide useful and delightful items that enhance the lives of our customers. Our curated collection is carefully selected to offer families high-quality products that bring joy, comfort, and inspiration to their everyday lives.

With a focus on thoughtful design and practicality, we strive to make shopping for families convenient and enjoyable.